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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Mechanisms of Autoimmunity, Immunogenicity, and Advances in Immunotherapy

    A live CME forum was held to discuss immunological approaches to RA management. For each of the identified educational topics, the clinician experts presented didactic slides pertaining to an important aspect of immunological approaches to RA management, followed by interactive case presentations, and discussion to exchange relevant information and experiences. An enduring supplement was developed from the proceedings of the live symposium and mailed with the September 15, 2015 Issue of Rheumatology News. The online version is also available here.


    Best of IBEC 2016 Monograph

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a progressive and painful systemic inflammatory disease that preferentially attacks the synovium of the joint, leading to joint destruction, debility, and deformity. Increased understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of RA has made a remarkable difference in its treatment and prognosis. Numerous therapeutic agents with diverse targets and mechanisms have been added to the RA armamentarium, allowing for intervention at various stages in the pathogenic process of the disease. Mechanisms of autoimmunity and inflammation will be compared to the emerging role of checkpoint therapy and small molecules in novel treatment approaches. By understanding the underlying immunologic mechanisms driving RA progression, clinicians involved in the management of patients with RA will be better equipped to evaluate the clinical and pharmacologic safety, as well as efficacy profiles of current and emerging therapies. This monograph that mailed with the December 2016 issue of Rheumatology News will review checkpoint and small molecule therapy for RA, as well as early RA and use of biosimilars in clinical practice. To view the online version, click here.

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