Intervention Development

Utilizing a strategic approach to intervention development, Vindico employs multiple methods to identify the most effective intervention for a specific needs and gaps in care, the appropriate distribution and recruitment drivers to reach and engage learners, and the optimal collaborations and partnerships with associations, professional societies, and other educational partners. Our educational strategists approach the design of initiatives with an understanding of learning theories, assessing the needs of all stakeholders in the process and innovating and creating platforms and approaches that are customized to each unique educational challenge.

The key steps in the development of each intervention are:

  • Evaluating barriers to care and practice gaps within a given therapeutic area.
  • Creating strategic plans to secure single-support or multi-support funding based on analyses of the clinical landscape and areas of interest.
  • Developing collaborative relationships with industry stakeholders, including therapeutic area experts, associations, academic partners, and other medical education companies.
  • Continually monitoring and ensuring compliance with industry and individual pharmaceutical companies’ policies and regulations.
  • Ensuring timely and effective communication of program milestones, outcomes, and key developments to supporters and other stakeholders.

Grant Development

Understanding what adult education practices are most effective in disseminating and translating medical knowledge into practice is critical to improving patient health. Learner-focused interventions with measurable outcomes enhances the medical profession’s effort to improve core competencies, training, and assessment.

Our degreed scientific directors, medical researchers, needs assessment writers and grant writers are the key content generators of critical elements for grant requests:

  • Providing scientific research in preparation for anticipated grant submissions.
  • Coordinating expert interviews, educational gap assessment, outcomes measurement instruments and related activities regarding needs assessment development.
  • Analyzing and confirming educational gaps of the targeted audience.
  • Writing clear, measurable learning objectives.
  • Identifying potential faculty.
  • Preparing a draft agenda.
  • Preparing a formal grant request encompassing and executive summary, activity deliverables, needs assessment/educational gap measurements, description of adult learning principles, qualified faculty, activity description, educational outcomes measurements, audience generation strategies, activity accreditation, program reach and timeline, and budget information.
  • Submitting final grant requests online and/or in writing to health-care related companies.

Content Development

Our experienced Office of Medical Affairs team, comprising a medical director, scientific directors, medical editors, medical writers, and compliance officer, develops content that meets the educational gaps and needs of our activities’ target audiences.

We develop accurate scientific and practice-oriented educational content; review the scientific accuracy of all educational activities; direct all aspects of content development from needs assessments through delivery; collaborate with medical advisory boards and key opinion leaders to ensure application of current medical science to clinical practice, and improve physician education and patient care.

Our compliance team is responsible for monitoring separation and independence, establishing policy and procedures, and ensuring that activities are planned and implemented in compliance with guidelines and regulations of the following organizations:

  • AMA
  • ACPE
  • ANCC
  • OIG
  • FDA
  • PhRMA
  • AdvaMed

Activity Management

Our program managers and associates ensure that our continuing education activities influence positive patient outcomes.

  • Managing audiovisual requirements, including standard projection, audio, and video; and providing an automated system or polling mechanism to collect evaluation data electronically at the close of the activity.
  • Inviting faculty members, conducting telephone and web-based conference calls with faculty members, developing activity content based on faculty direction and needs assessment data, and coordinating with faculty for content deadlines and final content review prior to live activity and printing or posting of enduring activities.
  • Developing far-reaching, multifaceted promotional and tactical advertising campaigns to generate target audience participation.
  • Managing all facets of activity preparation and presentation to include but not limited to negotiation of contracts with service providers and suppliers such as hotels, convention centers, and audio visual; creating and processing forms for registration, reimbursement, honoraria, and evaluations; creating, duplicating, and assembling conference/review materials, including name badges, tent cards, signs, packets, and other materials as needed; supervising meeting functions as the primary liaison between Vindico and activity locations; processing invoices from vendors; and tracking activity budgets.
  • Coordinating travel to and from activity, assisting in the preparation of final content for presentation, ensuring venue set-up and coordination, managing and coordinating audiovisual needs and overall live programming and presentation.
  • Preparing executive summaries for outcomes reports.

Financial Management

The Business Operations department performs the necessary research, external institution and partner collaboration, development and submission of grants to procure funding for Vindico’s quality educational programs; monitors and processes expenses for all grant-funded and departmental expenses; prepares grant reconciliations; and manages the overall company finances.